4th February 2020 – Members to display Stamps/Covers Letter I

On Tuesday 4th February members displayed material on their interpretation of the Letter I.

We started with I for Independence, with sets of stamps from countries issued as they gained their independence from the British Commonwealth, many of which showed an optimism for the future.

I for Infantry with postcards, letters and other material on the Sherwood Foresters Regiment, formed in 1741, curiously as a marine detachment. Material covered their actions in India at the time of the mutiny, Crimea, and the Great War.

Insufficient postage with mail to and from Malta attracting postage dues.

Indifference – stamps where the presenter thought that the design had failed to capture the event being celebrated.

International Exhibitions with classic material from the 1890 philatelic exhibitions in both London and Edinburgh.

Islands, with stamps and covers from Ascension, the West Indies and the Virgin Islands.

Inter-insular postage, which turned out to be an inscription on a Bahamas issue for inter-island mail on the 1859 issue. The stamp had the Queen Victoria ‘Chalon head’ and featured the pineapple and the conch shell, as well as the banner ‘Interinsular Postage’.

Ireland where we saw a wide range of issues from 1922 through to the Titanic issue of 2012.

As always, our members made excellent efforts to fit their collections into the letter title and the result was as always a very enjoyable evening.