5th December 2017 Philatelic Bring & Buy + members to display covers of interest

On Tuesday December 5th the Society held a members evening. Over the first half of the evening members were able to look through material for sale, which ranged from recent GB First Day Covers and presentation packs through to a stock book of various 1d red as well as commonwealth and worldwide material. Many of us found something to add to our collections.

In the second half, members were invited to show covers and as usual we had a wide and interesting variety: GB post offices in the Levant between 1899 and 1920; Air Mail covers; Maltese wartime covers; Newfoundland war time covers; local postcards of Bloxham and Banbury and a miscellany which included a cover from Zimbabwe celebrating ten years of progress (1980-1990). My favourite cover was from the inaugural Women’s Air Derby held in 1929, with the additional fascinating fact that it started from Douglas Airfield which had a runway crossing the USA-Mexico border. As a result of this, the cover actually had Mexican stamps on it.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday December 19th at 7:30pm at Hanwell Fields Community Centre when Mr. John Gledhill will give a presentation titled ‘GB Overprints – A to Z’. The Banbury Stamp Society is on-line at ‘www.banburystampsociety.co.uk’, or contact John Davies on 01295 255831.